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Titlesort descendingDescriptionTypeClosing Date & TimeActions
Chainbreaker GoalsDetermine the relative priority of the Chainbreaker goalsPublic15/01/2022 05:05:33View Voting Closed 
Choosing Britain's first PresidentThe year is the near future. Britain has become a republic. The country needs a president. Six candidates have been shortlisted.Public08/02/2022 22:07:56View Voting Closed 
COP 26 - HIAOur suggestions for COP26Public29/10/2021 00:00:01View Voting Closed 
Favourite Female LeaderVote on favourite female in a leadership rolePublic15/09/2022 09:30:04View Voting Closed 
NamevotePublic10/04/2022 20:54:52View Voting Closed 


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